"Being with the Pirates has improved my game, my relationships with other people from different backgrounds, and I am improving my leadership abilities"Amiani Kevin - Player.

Our Commitment is to Community involvment and the education of the Youth in playing and coaching Rugby

In partnership with the Kwale County and the KRU, the South Coast Pirates undertake to help develop the Community through the game of Rugby.

The SCP Social programme focuses on:

- Girl/Boy child development in the basic skills of the game

- Approach towards using school to access the Community

- A focus towards all participants to focus and achieve their absolute best not only through education but talent too

- Encouraging the fight against drug abuse

- Identifiying and nuturing skills that will help individuals to start in life/work oriented balance

- Upgrading to Secondary Schools to strenghten the South Coast Pirate RC

- Street sport initiative supported by the County Government

- Provide an environment where girls and women can play rugby

- To encourage more club members, family and ex-players to get involved in refeering and volunteering

- Helping to keep the unemployed players focussed on sport rather than less constructive pastimes.

A number of schools have been identified to start rugby training sessions with the aim of developing rugby in schools in  Kwale County.

The programme started in October 2014, with Ukunda High School (mixed), Gonbato Secondary and Primary Schools (mixed) and other schools are ready to enrol in the programme.
The Mini,Midi and Junior Rugby is essential to the improved development of all young people, both mentally and physically, whilst maintaining the importance and ensuring, that the children learn to respect the opposition, their teammates, the coaches, the referees and primarily themselves.
A stated aim for the Club is that it grows from a grass roots level to be one
of the premier clubs in Kenya, competing in the Kenyan Cup.
We also want to encourage representation from the South Coast in the National Team’s development programme.  To this end the Club is compensating some of its members to coach in local schools. Two schools have already signed up to the programme: Gombata High School
and Lulu High School, both in Ukunda. Neither school has had any formal rugby coaching before.
The rugby gives the pupils opportunities to meet with others in the rugby
community and to participate in regional competitions. Gombato High School showed particular promise winning the Ukunda District Competition and reaching the semi Final of the County Competitions.  Scouts for the Pirates attended both these competitions and networked with rugby coaches and schoolboys alike to inform them of the new Club. It is hoped that these young boys aged 15-19 will learn the basic skills and rules of the game to become effective feeder schools for the senior club.

The merits of a team sport like rugby cannot be underestimated. Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping fit and strong which builds confidence in the young men, the sense of pride they get from representing their team and the South Coast is palpable. Other merits include the players learning about collective responsibility and supporting each other, it teaches life skills such as the setting of realistic goals and ambition plus they get the opportunity to travel and see more of their country. Any rugby player around the world will tell you what great memories they have from rugby tours, and of course "what goes on tour stays on tour!" -

Coach David Nolan

Rugby Social

SC Pirates School Programs